LANGRIA Comfort 8 inch Pocket Coil Innerspring Mattress Review


Product Features

  • Pocket Coil System: our mattress' individual pocket coils are isolated from one another: motion transfer remains at a minimum, while each spring conforms to the unique shape of your body and relieves any pressure points
  • Durable Tempered Coils: each 15 gauge coil is made of hardened tempered steel, which increases the coils toughness and improves the mattresses durability and longevity, meaning the mattress stays in shape longer
  • Tight Top Padding: the comfort layer design on top of the springs are covered with a soft foam layer, a fire barrier and a quilted breathable top fabric
  • Hassle-Free Setup: our mattress is compressed for shipping and arrives in a convenient package, making it easy to take to whatever room it will be used in and proceed with setup, hassle free
  • Outer Construction: tightly knit hemmed edges around the sides keep the mattresses main cover in place and extend its durability, while the non-slip outer fabric and the quilted top keep any sheets from sliding around during sleep.
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Product Description

Built With Comfort in Mind
The varying types of spring mattresses and coil systems can be confusing to figure out. Our mattress features a simple yet sophisticated pocket coil design, where all springs are isolated from each other. This means that every spring acts individually to contour to your body during sleep, preventing and relieving any possible pressure points, perfect for side sleepers. The isolated design means that motion transfer remains at a minimum, so you never have to worry about waking up your partner.

The One that is Built Tough
Not all spring mattresses are made the same, and Langria’s 8 Inch Spring Mattress’ is no exception. Our mattress’ coils are made from pure tempered steel, which toughens and strengthens the springs, extends their longevity and durability, and, as a result, makes your mattress last longer. The springs are encased in an outer cover that features tightly sewn hemmed edges around the sides of the mattress, preventing wear and tear.

Extra Cushioning and Support
The 15 gauge coils are firm to sleep on yet soft enough to accommodate heavy or light adults and kids of all ages, making the mattress perfect for your bunk beds, bedroom, or guest room. A layer of soft foam covers the springs both on the top and on the bottom, while a soft to the touch top layer further adds to your comfort. Plus, the outer cover is non-slippery and features a quilted design, meaning your sheets will stay in place.

Product Specifications
Twin Size: 39*75*8 inches
Weight: 35.74 lbs.

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